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Every financial restructuring scenario provides for a range of issues, many of which are unique to that scenario and for which there is no beaten track to a solution. Each stakeholder has its individual concerns which may well only be addressed if the restructuring is successful overall.

The depth and breadth of our experience in financial transactions makes us ideally placed to provide intelligent solutions to creditors and debtors in financial restructurings. Our structured, focused, and hands-on approach is key to our success in restructuring scenarios. Our focus is always on preserving as much value as possible for our clients, protecting their businesses and investments or, as the case may be, maximising their recovery.

We have a solid track record in restructuring and insolvency cases and our partners have been involved in all major restructurings in Austria in the past ten years.

Against this background, we advise our clients on all kinds of restructuring and insolvency situations and regularly have a role in complex and international restructuring and insolvency cases, on the side of debtors as well as on the side of creditors and financial sponsors.

Examples include:

  • Pre-crisis advice
  • Single-event crisis advice
  • Compliance checks of financial agreements
  • Solvent and insolvent financial restructuring
  • Out-of-court financial restructuring
  • Workout management
  • Insolvency filing
  • Post-insolvency advice

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