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Happy 3rd Birthday to Greenlake Legal!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Greenlake Legal

Today is a special day here at Greenlake Legal headquarters as we celebrate Greenlake Legal’s 3rd birthday!

Three years ago, we founded Greenlake Legal to provide the best services and solutions for you and your business.

Today, it’s time to thank you for your support and the excellent cooperation – here’s to the next three and more years!

We look forward to new contacts, more inspiring conversations and exciting transactions around the world, and a continued fantastic time with our team, colleagues, and partners.

3 years ago vs. today

Here’s a “before and after” picture of our office:

3 years ago vs. today at Greenlake Legal

The first one was taken shortly after we moved in and started renovations and the second one shows our nice open-plan office as it is today and where all the magic happens.